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Bit of a display issue on mobile

I know this isn’t really a bug, more of a visual thing.

On the mobile website, when you visit your profile you’re shown the first image in the Imgur link. As you can see it just appears a bit weird and some of the text is cut off. When you click a button it’s fine though, as seen in the second image.

I really tried looking for more bugs but you’ve done a great job with the site! It looks a lot cleaner then it originally did, and the features seem to work as intended. I might find more when fooling around on the computer, or when themes are introduced to the public, but I doubt there’ll be many to find haha.

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25 days agoAdministrator
@hi Fixed it!

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1 month agoAdministrator
Thanks for your feedback! I will fix this problem in the following days. Designing the UI for Desktop and mobile is harder than I originally thought.
I am always trying to improve the UI and the 'viewing experience'.

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