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[2022-10-23] Weekly news recap

Weekly news recap:


New study identifies an increasing disinterest in fatherhood among childless men in the United States


Blink-182 Tickets Are So Expensive Because Ticketmaster Is a Disastrous Monopoly and Now Everyone Pays Ticket Broker Prices | Or: Why you are not ever getting an inexpensive ticket to a popular concert ever again.

Scientists outlined one of the main problems if we ever find alien life, it's our politicians | Scientists suggest the geopolitical fallout of discovering extraterrestrials could be more dangerous than the aliens themselves.


Mother of George Floyd’s daughter files $250M lawsuit against Kanye West for comments on his death

Texas schools send parents DNA kits to identify their kids’ bodies in emergencies

[UK] Liz Truss to resign as Prime Minister, Sky News understands


Supreme Court rejects request to block Biden student debt forgiveness program

Liz Truss resigns as UK prime minister


Kanye West Accuses Jamie Foxx And Quentin Tarantino Of Stealing The Concept Of ‘Django Unchained’ From Him
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