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[2022-10-09] Weekly news recap

Weekly news recap:


In 2007, NASCAR switched from leaded to unleaded fuel. After the switch, children who were raised near racetracks began performing substantially better in school than earlier cohorts. There were also increases in educational performance relative to students further away.


FCC threatens to block calls from carriers for letting robocalls run rampant

Exclusive: Boston Dynamics pledges not to weaponize its robots


Biden to pardon all prior federal offenses of simple marijuana possession

Police Union Says SDPD Officers Are Quitting Because of Oversight Commission That Doesn’t Exist Yet

North Korea Fires Missile Over Japan in Major Escalation


Egypt Wants Its Rosetta Stone Back From the British Museum


Chris Pratt’s Mario Voice Baffles Fans After First Listen: ‘Holy S— It’s Literally Just Chris Pratt’s Voice’
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