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[2023-03-05] Weekly news recap

Weekly news recap:


The simple act of wearing an eye mask to block out light while sleeping can improve cognitive function the next day. In two experiments, the researchers found that participants who slept with an eye mask showed enhanced episodic memory encoding and alertness the following day.


A woman who got locked out of her Apple account minutes after her iPhone was stolen and had $10,000 taken from her bank account says Apple was 'not helpful at all'

A four-day workweek pilot was so successful most firms say they won’t go back


Eli Lilly caps the cost of insulin at $35 a month

Tennessee governor appears to have dressed in drag, an art form he wants to restrict

Saudi Arabia will supply Ukraine with aid worth $400 million


Rupert Murdoch gave Jared Kushner 'confidential information' about Biden's 2020 ads before they were public, Dominion alleges

Iran still seeking to kill President Trump and Mike Pompeo in retaliation for assassination of General Soleimani, says Iranian General Amirali Hajizadeh


Bryan Cranston: 'MAGA' is racist because 'when was it ever great in America for the African-American?'
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