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[2023-02-26] Weekly news recap

Weekly news recap:


Bans on prostitution lead to a significant increase in rape rates while liberalization of prostitution leads to a significant decrease in rape rates. This indicates that prostitution is a substitute for sexual violence. [Data from Europe].


Supreme Court admits they're not the best choice to decide the future of the internet

Bernie Sanders says it's time for a four-day work week: "With exploding technology and increased worker productivity, it's time to move toward a four-day work week with no loss of pay. Workers must benefit from technology, not just corporate CEOs."


U.S. food additives banned in Europe: Expert says what Americans eat is "almost certainly" making them sick

Texas 3rd grader finds gun superintendent left in school bathroom

President Biden Makes Surprise Visit to Ukraine


Bernie Sanders says it's time for a four-day work week

Senior Russian defense official Marina Yankina falls to death from 16-story building


RIP Actor and Comedian Richard Belzer, Munch of “SVU” and “Homicide,” Famous for Dry Sense of Humor
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