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NougatPizza, , 26 days ago

Some strange arrangement

So actually 5 minutes ago I went down the street and I saw something special abnormal and disgusting…

A preacher, so called by himself, stood behind the church and sold Soletti;
These were, under the surrounding circumstances, some very special of my interest, because I was hungry, which led to stealing some Soletti by my hands, because 6 Marillenkrapfen were not enough for my big, overfed, slimey and fast-burning tummy and entrails. The big argument concerning overfedment told me to feed even more and now I have, as a bad consequence no underweight anymore, but very good and equated blood.

I am disappointed by those who may not follow the light and appreciate what the force above is giving us. Our administrator is well known and giving us this very fulfilling page (even with all of hunger), BUT it’s existence is linked to Omegario, the big one above. If he tells you program holy, you program holy. I feel the power of enlightig our future and I feel our enemy’s fall apart in the great green shine and beam of green and steady truth of light.

The paper for written down story’s of long gone cultures and might of old gods is good and fine, but the greatest was just found right one and a half years ago. Orr well respected ancestors sadly didn’t know much of the best option to life.

Empower yourself and donate to our patreon for to help good and best flooding earth together. Help to slaughter one animal less, for ever dollar and half Trustpoint. I believe in you. You can do it. Omegario knows you. And your mistakes. Be your best and accept the existence of your faith and the oblivion and sadness you need to finally reach it…

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