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NougatPizza, , 10 days ago

Nights Recap 2

I just woke up, tears of sweat in my eyes, and i thought I was a Bug, but I was still a fool. According to this dramatic occurrence I thought it must be the best solution to buy postal 2 and playing it in my friend doctorfelix right away. Bus I sadly realized I had burnt down my pc that night and began to repair mit with my naked toes and fingertips. Nothing could help me and I lost all hope to see Gerald’s modification and koth’s residence ever again. As I, in last hope, sent the Holy Ghost of Omega into the sadly molten bits and pieces, the suddenly began to raise together and form a big omega, in its center there was running a very strong father Grigori with great bald head and loaded gun, generating energy for my newly built machine. Then I sat down in front of my monitor and realized quickly, that the most important part was missing. I took a 50 euro bill, gave it to the little Grigori and as soon as that a flirren beam from the sky fulfilled my soul and heart and I got much stronger in a few seconds. My fresh baked trust points, five for these fifty, like little birds flapped into my pocket. The I took it and hid it well in my Knastbrieftasche. ;)
What I nearly forgot in all of this hussle, was my urgent need to say hello to our well known helper mr Hi 👋🏻
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Shakespeare would be proud

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