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[2023-01-08] Weekly news recap

Weekly news recap:


Adults who stay well-hydrated appear to be healthier, develop fewer chronic conditions, such as heart and lung disease, and live longer than those who may not get sufficient fluids, study finds


Remote Work Is Poised to Devastate America’s Cities In order to survive, cities must let developers convert office buildings into housing.

Experts Worried Elderly Billionaires Will Become Immortal, Compounding Wealth Forever


U.S. FDA says abortion pills can be sold at retail pharmacies

Lauren Boebert's Shooters Grill To Be Replaced by Mexican Restaurant

Putin violates his own Christmas ceasefire in Ukraine


U.S. House adjourns until 8 p.m. without a speaker after GOP leader McCarthy loses sixth vote

Iranian IM (International Master Chess Player) plays without hijab at World Championships, then takes refuge in Spain


Dave Bautista Calls Marvel Exit a ‘Relief‘ Because Playing ’Silly‘ Drax ’Wasn’t All Pleasant‘: ’I Don’t Know If I Want Drax to Be My Legacy’
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