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Administrator, , 27 days ago

Theme creation is now open to everyone!

Everyone can now create a Theme!
Choose a name for your community and assign it a fitting color.
Choose up to 10 admins or mods that will assist you keeping your Theme safe.
Every post and comment made in your Theme can get deleted by you and your Themes admins/mods.
Admins can add and remove other admins/mods and content in your Theme.
Mods can only remove content in your Theme.
Every staff member in your Theme can remove themselves from your Theme.
Thanks for reading and I wish you all a nice day!

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9 days agoUnsafe
@Administrator is there a way to link to Themes without having to copy the entire url into a comment? Like Reddit's r/

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14 days agoBWall102

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26 days agoRobotina
Cool I will try it out!

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27 days agoAdministrator
You can find the Theme creation page in the navigation bar or here:

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