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[2023-01-01] Weekly news recap

Weekly news recap:


Researchers have discovered the first "virovore": An organism that eats viruses | The consumption of viruses returns energy to food chains


New California law effectively bans Tesla from advertising its cars as Full Self-Driving

Millennials are shattering the oldest rule in politics: Western conservatives are at risk from generations of voters who are no longer moving to the right as they age.


Luxury villa of influencer Andrew Tate and his brother Tristan raided by Romanian police

Stop complaining, says billionaire investor Charlie Munger: ‘Everybody’s five times better off than they used to be’

Russian meat magnate who criticised Putin’s war dies after hotel fall


Texas Governor Abbott endangered lives with Christmas Eve migrant drop -White House

Russian sausage tycoon who criticised Ukraine invasion falls to death from hotel window


Scientology leader David Miscavige 'nowhere to be found' as prosecutors try to serve federal trafficking suit
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