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[2022-12-18] Weekly news recap

Weekly news recap:


When women do more household labor, they see their partner as a dependent and sexual desire dwindles, study finds


Neuralink killed 1,500 animals in four years; Now under trial for animal cruelty: Report

New Zealand passes legislation banning cigarettes for future generations


Elon Musk booed by crowd after Dave Chappelle brings him on stage at comedy gig

For the first time ever, no British fans were arrested at the World Cup

Finland defence minister to take two months’ paternity leave amid Nato bid | Antti Kaikkonen says ‘children are only little for a moment’ as party backs his move


Recount flips Mass. House election to Democrat by 1 vote

Millions in Western aid flowed to churches that oppose LGBTQI+ rights in Ghana


Kanye West Getting Evicted From LA Offices This Week For Not Paying Rent
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