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[2022-12-04] Weekly news recap

Weekly news recap:


White South-African students who were randomly allocated to share a dorm room with black students were less likely to express negative stereotypes of Blacks and more likely to form interracial friendships, while the black students improved their GPA, passed more exams and had lower dropout rates.


It’s not your imagination: Shopping on Amazon has gotten worse - Everything on Amazon is becoming an ad

Robot Landlords Are Buying Up Houses - Companies with deep resources are outsourcing management to apps and algorithms, putting home ownership further out of reach.


Twitter is no longer enforcing its Covid misinformation policy

Dog shoots owner dead after stepping on his shotgun

World Cup fan, 27, 'shot and killed for celebrating USA win' in Iran by security agencies


Appeals court says FBI can use all documents seized in Mar-a-Lago search and ends special master review

EU warns Musk that Twitter faces ban over content moderation -FT


‘I like Hitler’: Kanye West praises Nazi during Alex Jones interview
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