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Rule 1: No hate speech.

Be nice. Thats it.

Rule 2: No spamming.

We get it. You have so many quality posts to share. But there is a point where enough is enough.

Rule 3: No politics.

Politics are not allowed unless the post mentiones politics or uses the politics flair.

Rule 4: No posting of personal or confidential information.

There are many weird people on the internet.

Rule 5: Dont break this site.

Using bugs or breaking this site is forbidden.

Rule 6: Mark spoilers with the [spoiler] format symbol.

Nobody likes spoilers.

What is Omegapedia?

Omegapedia is a unique and unusual forum where you can share thoughts, texts or links.

Why cant I post?

Omegapedia is designed in a way that allowes for easy moderation of content. One of the measures to make that possible is to add a delay which allowes users to only post every 10 minutes.

What are "Trust-Points"?

These are points that are added to an user when their post gets upvoted and subtracted when their post gets downvoted. These Trust-Points are a measurement for Omegapedia to see how much a user can be trusted.

How do I format my posts?

You can format your post by using [] format symbols.

[red]This text is red.[/red]

Will result to:

This text is red.

[i][blue]This text is blue and italic.[/blue][/i]

Will result to:

This text is blue and italic.

[spoiler]This is a spoiler.[/spoiler]

Will result to:

This is a spoiler.

Copy ascii art between [asciiart] tags to make them render correctly.

How to mention users?

Mention users by commenting @USERNAME_HERE

Click on mentions to automatically see their profile.

How can I add my email to my account?

Open your profile and click 'Add email'.

Enter your email and check your inbox.

Open your profile and click 'Verify email after receiving verification code'.

Enter the verification code.

Open your profile. You should now see your email on the top left corner. (Dont worry! Only you can see this.)

How can I change my password to my account?

Open your profile and click 'Change password'.

Enter your old password and your new one.

Click 'Change password'.

You now have changed your password!